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Cherryfield Ecology specialise in providing fast professional ecological surveys.

    Cherryfield Ecology’s prices include your report, travel and advice. There are no hidden charges!*

*Biological records data from third parties and to comply with the British standard are charged separately, based on the cost from the records centre.

Our consultancy also provide mitigation and management plans for private and commercial clients, such as architects, private home owners and planning consultants.

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Phase 1 Survey

An over-view survey looking at all habitats on site and for all protected species e.g. bats . This survey follows the JNCC (2010) Handbook for Phase 1 habitat survey and the British Standard 42020 (biodiversity). The survey includes a mapping exercise & evidence searching.


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Bat Surveys

Bat surveys are often needed to establish if bats are present when demolishing or extending a building. They are undertaken in three stages (as required). Also known as Roost Assessment, phase 1 bat survey, emergence surveys and dusk/dawn surveys.


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Great Crested Newts

GCN surveys are often needed when planning a demolition or extension of a building, were ponds and surrounding land will be affected. They are undertaken in three stages and must include ponds within 250m of the site regardless of ownership.


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Badger Surveys

Undertaken in much the same manner as bats and GCN surveys. A three stage process establishes presence, population and mitigation requirements. This survey is optimal during February to May and again in September to November when badgers are most active.


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Barn Owl Surveys

Consisting of a internal and external search for barn owls, evidence of barn owls and habitat value e.g. areas known to be used by barn owls that humans cannot check. This survey can be conducted year round. If barn owls are present stage 2 mitigation will be required.


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* Costs are plus VAT and based on location and biological records data costs from third parties which varies from county to county – a fixed fee including biological records will be provided in your quote. Staff are fully licenced to undertake this survey type with the statutory body in England (Natural England).


I would happily recommend Martin. From my initial enquiry I was called back promptly and I was told what I needed including costs. He understood that my problem was urgent and the survey was done without delay. He arrived on time as did the survey report. Thank you Martin for all the knowledge I now know.