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The Common Pipistrelle.

The Common Pipistrelle

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The Common Pipistrelle

In a new blog series Rob Beer BSc (Hons) AMRSB looks at the common bat species that are found in houses, starting with The Common Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus , which is the most common of the UK species . 

The Common pipistrelle, Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Pipistrelles are the most common of all UK bat species. When looking up at the sky of an evening in the garden or park or wherever you may be, these are the species you are most likely to see flying about! They typically emerge at dusk around 20-30 minutes after sunset (The RSPB, 2018).

The common pipistrelle can be found in all sorts of places!  They can be found in a range of habitats from farmland and woodlands to gardens and urban areas, in fact these little guys are known to be the most urban dwelling species (, 2018).

With spring finally here, we will all start to notice a lot more flying insects around and coupled with the fact that common pipistrelles so widespread you’ll pleased to know that they also act as pest controllers, – a vital regulating ecosystem service!! Its even stated that these pest controllers can consume up to 3,000 insects in one night! (BCT, 2018).

Populations of the common pipistrelle have been in decline over the past few decades, however populations have started showing positive signs of improvement this is due in part to UK and EU legislation.

The common pipistrelle, as mentioned is known for being an urban dweller and tend to rely on buildings for roosting. Therefore, this makes them vulnerable to building renovations/developments (BCT, 2018) so if you’re planning to have building work done and need a survey please don’t hesitate to contact the Cherryfield Ecology team!



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