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Presence and likely absence bat surveys. Emergence surveys

Presence and likely absence bat surveys

Emergence Bat Survey

         Presence and likely absence bat surveys

Presence and likely absence bat surveys are well and truly underway, mid-June marks the middle of the bat survey season. The season runs from May to September. However, the optimal presence/likely absence season is considered to be from mid – May to August.

       Do you need an emergence/re-entry survey? 

If you have been asked or need emergence/re-entry surveys, now is the time to consider getting them booked up. On a standard set of surveys were bats, evidence or a high likelihood of bats being present is probable, three surveys are required.

A minimum of a two-week gap between each survey is needed. At least two of the three must be undertaken between mid- May to August. So even though a set of three surveys can be completed into September if you have not had two done in the optimal season it will cause you issues.

     Don’t wait and get caught out, book your surveys today! 

Don’t delay, save yourself some time and money get you bat surveys booked in before it is to late this year.

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