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March, spring is finally here!. Spring

March, spring is finally here!

Bat Surveys, Preliminary Eco Surveys

March, spring is finally here!

March is the time that most, if not all people associate with a change in the weather. The days are getting a little longer, the lambs have been born and a warmth is coming back.

These environmental triggers also mean that wildlife is beginning to stir. By March great crested newt Triturus cristatus, are in the ponds. Slow worms Anguis fragilis and common lizard Zootoca vivipara are basking. Birds are nesting and bats are moving from their winter quarters to summer quarters. The spring flowers are showing themselves and small mammals are moving around more.

It is also the time many people start thinking about building. The ground is not as wet, the conditions are improving and builders are available to start projects following winter work.

Before long the summer will be in full swing and most Ecologists will be booked up for the busy summer survey season, don’t delay and get caught out by unexpected surveys, book them now!

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