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Emergence Bat Surveys. August is the time to get emergence bat surveys

Emergence Bat Surveys

Emergence Bat Survey

Emergence bat surveys, August is nearly here!

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Well, it is nearly August and emergence bat surveys need to have been started in this optimal period for planning purposes.

Although emergence bat surveys can be undertaken in September, they should start in August. This is due to making sure that the maternity season is not missed. This period in the year is when bats are giving birth to young and looking after them until the point were they are independent.

Starting surveys in September is considered to be OK when there is little chance of maternity roosts being found, however maternity roosts can be difficult to find at times, especially when roosts are high up on the apex of a building or are in a position that is difficult to see. Often the evidence can be destroyed by weather or it can be hidden at the wall plate or cavity, meaning that they may be missed.

Starting late September will mean that surveys may have to be delayed until the following bat survey season, mid -May onwards. This could mean a wait of seven months to complete the surveys!

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