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Bat Roost Found

Bat Surveys

Dawn and dusk surveys are a part of the emergence survey process, following a day inspection when bats, evidence of bats or likely presence has been found.

This building based in Kent, on the face of it would usually be considered an unlikely bat roost as it has asbestos sheet roofing, with no lining and solid brick walls, with a steel ‘I’ beam structure holding up the roof.

However during the day time inspection a small number of bat droppings were located under the internal apex of the gable end. Three surveys later and the building is being used by three bat species (common and soprano pipistrelles and brown long eared bats).

One of the entry points can be seen in the featured picture, the lifted little bit of lead flashing at the apex, is were the bats are entering over the wall top. The gap is approx. 20mm in size and for pipistrelles is more than big enough to get into the building.

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