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Bat Surveys. From £299*

Bat surveys are often needed to establish if bats are present when demolishing or extending a building. They are undertaken in three stages (as required) and detailed below:-

Cherryfield Ecology don’t charge extra for expenses (biological records data excluded), reports or advice this is included in the fixed price. Typically we have a weeks turnaround time!

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Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA) – Daytime from £299* 

Local discounts may apply, please supply a postcode when enquiring.

Consisting of an internal and external search for bats, evidence of bats and likelihood of presence e.g. areas known to be used by bats that humans cannot check. If any of the above are present a stage 2 survey will be required. If none are present this may be the end of the process. This survey follows the BCT good practice guidelines.

Emergence Survey – Night time from £500*

Also known as a re-entry survey. It consists of surveyors covering all elevations of the structure/tree watching and listening for bats coming from the structure/tree. This information allows the species, population and bats use to be established.

This survey must be undertaken between May and September, with the optimal season between mid -May and August.

If bats are found to be present stage 3 Mitigation/European protected species licence will be required.

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Mitigation & Enhancement (Natural England Protected Species Licence) from £1599*

Bat Mitigation Class Licences start from £1099*, the site must meet the criteria of the licence in order to be able to apply for it. It is faster than a standard licence, taking approx 10 working days.

This stage is undertaken post  granted planning consent. It usually consists of providing a replacement roost, minimizing light spill and compensating for the loss of habitat that is being utilized by bats.

A licence is required when an offence under the habitats directive (2010 as amended) and wildlife and countryside act 1981 (as amended) cannot be avoided e.g. damaging a bat roost.

Please note: – As of April 22nd 2019 Natural England will be charging for licences.

Bat Mitigation Class Licences will have a flat fee of £130

Standard Mitigation Licences (used for more complex roosts and high importance roosts e.g. maternity) will vary from £500 up to £3000 depending on the work load required at Natural England’s end.

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* Costs are plus VAT and based on location and biological records data costs from third parties which varies from county to county – a fixed fee including biological records will be provided in your quote. Staff are fully licenced to undertake this survey type with the statutory body in England (Natural England).