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FAQ. Have any questions?

Cherryfield Ecology aims to provide you with comprehensive ecology surveys for your planning application. We know that planning applications are highly stressful and we are here to help you get the consent you need for the dream home you have always wanted. If you are unsure about anything, please use our FAQ below to help answer you question or contact us for quick, friendly advice.

How quickly can you provide a quote?
Once you have filled in the contact form, I will usually call you back to confirm your requirements and provide you with any more information you may need. A written quotation will then be emailed to you. I aim to do this within 24-48hrs but often sooner.
How long to surveys take?
This is dependent on the survey type and how big the site is. As an example a first stage bat survey on a semi-detached dwelling would be anywhere from 2hrs to 3hrs. However, there are others factors that can change this timeframe. These could be complex roof structures, number of loft spaces, no loft space etc. 
When is the best time to carry out a Great Crested Newt survey?
The optimum time to survey for Great Crested Newts is spring time, around mid-April to mid-May. 
Which survey do I need?
If you are not sure which survey you will need as part of your planning application, simply get in touch via our contact page and I can recommend how to proceed. I can work with you to find a solution that enables an outcome that suits both you and wildlife. 
Why do I need a bat survey?
All British bats are protected under the wildlife law e.g. the EU Habitats Directive. This is due to steep declines in numbers in the 1930/40’s. Some bats also rely on man-made structures for protected and shelter, therefore when building work is undertaken on these locations the chance of damaging, destroying or disturbing bats is a material consideration in the process.
Will protected species stop my planning application or development?
The simple answer to this is no, however, there is process to adhere to and this can sometimes cause delays depending on the time of year the planning authority and your development is due to start.
How much will a bat survey cost me?
This depends on the findings of the first stage survey, if for instance the building is highly unlikely to have bats using it budget approx. £250 – £300 for the first stage (excluding Biological Records Data). However, if bats, evidence or likely presence is found and stage two surveys are required costs can increase. Stage two surveys costs are based on the number of surveys required and the number of surveyors required to cover all elevations of the building at once.
What is Biological Records Data?
This is information held by a County Records Centre on species and habitats. The information gives context and background to the site being surveyed. Each county has its own system and thus pricing structure for supplying information to a planning applicant, this is why the costs vary from county to county.
Do you charge VAT?
Yes, all prices are plus VAT. Our VAT registration number is 244631908.